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Flipboard Magazines

Flipboard is a news app I use on my iPhone and iPad. It’s also available on the Android OS.

I use it because it allows me to curate news articles that will be of interest to me across a range of topics, which include:

  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Education Technology
  • Pedagogy
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Design
  • Cyber Crime
  • Education
  • Learning
  • Motivation

These articles are nearly always useful to my professional interests – Digital Technology, Educational Technology, Programming, Teaching & Learning and Motivation.

I bring these into my teaching in any way that brings benefit to the standard of my teaching and that benefits my students. Teaching Digital Technologies, it’s important to show students the real world connections in what they do. With IT as an industry always moving forward, it’s also important to try to keep up with what is happening in the industry, so that my own knowledge doesn’t stop: adapt or die and all that!

Flipboard teacher Lounge

The Flipboard Teacher’s Lounge is a recent development for one of the magazines I curate (linked in the image above) called Education & Pedagogy. A lot of this is simply for my benefit in putting together content that I will read through and use, but I am happy that it is being used by others and is helpful to other teachers.

Why Should I Use Flipboard?

As a teacher there is lots of content out there that is of use. There is no way I’m going to find it on my own, so using an app like Flipboard helps to bring that information to me – it does the hard work. It’s not fool proof, nor will it capture all the great content out there, but it’s a start! Using Flipboard gives me information about what other teachers are doing and writing about. There are new learning models that reading about helps me to evaluate them and implement parts into my teaching.

The benefits are there – I hope you choose to download it, and get lots of interesting/challenging/relevant articles that helps to improve what you do in the classroom!

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