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The EdTechist

A long time ago, in a university, not far far interest in e-learning was born. Over the next decade this interest was honed, tested, developed, experimented on, and passed through the fires of experience...until the EdTechist was born.

The EdTechist Philosophy

100% pragmatism to secure the best educational outcomes for those being taught. Technology should always and only enhance learning. How that will look, will be different in each classroom with each teacher. Sometimes the skill in using technology, is knowing when not to use technology.
The use of technology in education should always be with the pupil in mind and helping them to learn and achieve their goals better, further, deeper and with ease.

Pupil Focused

I believe in using technology to help our pupils achieve their ambitions - whatever they are and whatever platform works. If we use a tool in the classroom, be it technological or not, and it does not help the pupil to learn, then what is the point? My first and main question is always "how can I help our pupils to learn better?"

EdTech enhanced

There are so many EdTech tools that can be used to help learners achieve their goals. My goal is to help you find the tool that acts as a catalyst for your pupils' learning. When you find it, life will be easier, skies bluer, birdsong will be more beautiful and life will make sense.

Teaching since 2005, Michael has developed his career as a Computing teacher with a unique mix of industry experience, lecturing in FE & HE and now leading a Computing department in a Northern Irish Grammar school.

Having developed his knowledge and skill base, Michael is keen to share what he has learned to help others develop in their own use of technology in the classroom.

The financial setting in education is making it harder than ever to make a significant difference in education. Investment in technology hardware needs to be 100% certain of making a difference to learning outcomes. That’s where the EdTechist can truly offer the impact schools need. Proven digital strategy will enable growth, competence and confidence in staff to make a difference with technology in the classroom.

With an approach that is teacher-focused, I understand the need for encouraging, embedding and developing teacher confidence in their abilities in order to ge the best from them. At the same time, development of school leadership ensures school leaders’ focus is on ensuring the appropriate change happens which delivers on value and impact.

Career highlights

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