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I’m Michael Johnston.

Alter Ego: The EdTechist

I am a Teacher, Subject Leader, Author (in progress), Blogger And Podcaster. I write regularly on the topic of Educational Technology and develop CPD courses for teachers. I’m dad to two beautiful girls and I am currently Head of Digital Technologies in a Grammar School in County Antrim…

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Why this is different

Many teachers get into the 'consultancy gig' as a way to raise their profile. The difference is that I haven't left the classroom. What I share, I use, have learned, researched, proven through edit, use, reflect, evaluate, repeat. I face the same stresses you face: engagement, behaviour, management, grades. But I believe I can make your job easier and more fulfilling than it already is. I fully believe I can help you find a way to work smarter, not harder. But whatever you do, please don't ever call me a 'guru.'

Built in the Classroom

My knowledge has developed from my experience - working in web design, teaching school-refusers, lecturing in computing and developing pupil skills in the basics of digital literacy.

Sharing the Experience

Specialising in how teachers use educational technology throughout school, it has always been an interest of mine to improve schools, teachers and the pupil learning experience in any way possible.

We Are All EdTechists

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