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A short post today, and not one I was planning to make, but FeedSpot has enforced a quick change of direction!

It’s always nice to be recognised for something you do – not so much for the ego, but that what you do is valued and useful to someone else. This post highlights this very idea, because The EdTechist has been included in the 25 Best UK Educational Technology Blogs and Websites on FeedSpot! What has really interested me about this list is that I haven’t been aware of many of them – which means there are teachers and writers like myself across the UK who are honing their craft in what they do with technology in the classroom and sharing it online for the benefit of all of us. As a point of expanding how much I value this list myself – the only person I had heard of on it is Al Kingsley, who I follow on X (or Twitter for those still adjusting).

This also means I have a lot of new reading and learning to do, and in one way the best part of it is that this list is UK based, meaning that many of the issues discussed are shared and processed in similar ways- particularly when compared to the differences that school systems in other countries may have.


Final Thoughts

Sharing what we do is an important part of learning – both inside and outside the classroom. When you share something you read on social media, you help the writer and those who might see your post and be experiencing the same problem. So my humble request is that you please share what you read or learn on social media and help these amazing teachers who take time to help us learn and improve what we do in the classroom!


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